Friday, December 30, 2005

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Thai Basil - "Bai Krapow"

The botanical name for basil is Ocimum basilicum. This aromatic herb is native to Thailand, SE Asia, and NE Africa and is an important herb used and Thai cooking (and less significantly in other cusines). Thai Basil is "the" key ingredient in "Pad Kraprow" dishes which includes garlic, and meat like chicken, pork, or shrimps.

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Thai Granite (Stone) Mortar and Pestle

Although the Thai mortar and pestle has been used for centuries we have to credit Jamie Oliver (Naked Chef) for really putting this product on the map.

Brief History

sturdy stone Thai mortar and pestle (called Krok Hin in the Thai language) dates back to the Sukhothai period (the first Thai Kingdom founded in 1238) when it was one of the few cooking tools used to prepare meals. The Thai meal consisted of four basic food preparations, "Tom", "Yaang", "Jim" and "Yum". Translated, Tom (boiled foods) Jim (dips), Yaang (grilled) and Yum (salads). As with most other cultures the mortar was used to grind foods as well as medicines.When we look at the key flavoring ingredients used in Thai cooking, fresh basil, palm sugar, makrut lime leaf, garlic, fresh ginger and galingale, tamarind, lemon grass as well as a variety of chilies, coriander and cumin we can see why the use of the mortar and pestle is key in the preparation of this cuisine.

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Thai Recipes - Dishes you can make!

Shrimp Tom Yum or Tom Yum Goong must be one of the best know Thai dishes abroad. It's a subtle blend of hot and sour with citrus overtones derived from lime juice and kaffir lime peel. Be careful not to overcook the shrimps as they will become tough very easily. All the spices are already pre-mixed for you using the Tom Yum Paste (pictured).

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Welcome to Thai Spices Source - Your guide to Thai Food!

Thai food is known around the world for its complex tastes derived from its variety of Spices. The most well known thai dish without question is TOM YUM Goong - the spicy shrimp broth soup. Some of other well known dishs are PANANG, GREEN CURRY, MASAMAN and many more. Now you can learn the secret recipe to these dishes. Now you can enjoy these dishes right in your own home; simple, fast and delicious!